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Release of 4-Series H2S,NDIR sensors

Update time:2020-07-24 12:08
SemeaTech announces today that it has added the following new products into the gas sensor family:

4series H2S-100S sensor
4H2S-100S Sensor

CO2-ZM 200D NDIR Module
CO2-ZM 200D NDIR Module

The advanced features of this 4series H2S-100S sensor mainly addressed  fast response speed and low carbon monoxide gas Cross-sensitivity.The details are shown in the following charts.

4 series H2S-100S sensor' typical cross-sensitivities:


The new release of CO2-ZM 200D NDIR Module with excellent performance can be used not only in the field of ventilation systems, air conditioning, etc., also can be used for more application area such as automotive environmental detection.