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Company Profile

SemeaTech is a worldwide leader in sensing technologies focusing on hazardous material detection in work safety and environmental protection. It was founded in Los Angles, USA and Shanghai, China by a group of scientists and engineers with extensive experience and knowledge in sensing technologies and related product development.

The Los Angeles SemeaTech branch mainly focuses on basic science and technology research to ensure that it is continuously elevating technology solutions and enhancing its product functionality with the best performance to meet market requirements and customer expectations.

The Shanghai SemeaTech branch is responsible for product development and volume production. It was formed and set up by a team that is competent in manufacturing, technology and product development. The team includes a number of well-known experts and professors in a variety of academic domains related to advanced sensing technology and the advanced materials built into their sensor structures.

SemeaTech has also built a wide network of industry experts and technologists to provide the company with guidance for customer needs and market requirements in order to release the right products featuring minimized environmental impact, no application errors, higher resolutions, increased sensitivity, improved stability, better exchangeability, wider measuring ranges, etc.