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New Distributor Announcement

Update time:2021-08-10 14:12
We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic agreement with Scout Innovations of Sugar Land, Texas. Effective immediately Scout Innovations is appointed to be a new distributor of SemeaTech in North America.

We are confident that our partnership with Scout Innovations will provide our North American customers with outstanding quality and exceptional customer service, achieving strong supply chains by consistently providing them with our innovative gas and radiation sensors, sensor modules with local stock, quicker deliveries, and lower costs.

SemeaTech is a worldwide leader in gas and radiation sensors, sensor modules and sensor networking technologies focusing on hazardous material detection, air quality monitoring, healthcare appliances, smart cities and smart homes. Founded in 2014, It has shipped millions of sensors and related products to our customers around the globe including the Americas, Europe, China, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. For more information about SemeaTech and its product offerings, please visit our website at

Scout Innovations LLC is a boutique firm offering expertise in business growth through strategic partnerships, creative sales and marketing, and a desire for innovative solutions. For more information, please visit their website at