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Long-Life Ammonia (NH3) Sensor

Update time:2017-07-10 15:31
By adopting the advanced materials and optimizing the overall design, SemeaTech has successfully developed and released a series of long-life NH3 sensors, which are based on non-consumptive technology. "This new product family finally resolved the deficiencies of short life spans and low maximum range of the existing consumable NH3 sensors in the market" said Dr. Ray Shie, Chief Scientist of SemeaTech.

The charts below show the typical specifications for this product.

Repeatability Linearity
Repeatability of 4NH3-500L: Max STDEV/AVG 4% 4NH3-500L's linearity coefficient-R^2 is 0.9997,Accuracy is under 3%

Temperature Performance Humility Performance
4NH3-500L shows good temperature performance. 4NH3-500L shows good humility performance.

Long Term Drift Test with 50ppm NH3 for 4 minutes every day, record the sensitivity performance.
Traditional NH3 sensor Long life NH3 sensor

SemeaTech provides 2-year warranty for all NH3 sensors in this new product family. Please contact us at if you need samples or have any questions.