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New Products Release

Update time:2018-02-12 15:27
SemeaTech announces today that it has added the following new products into the gas sensor family. 
1. Upgraded CO sensors for T90 less than 15 seconds
Model: 4CO-500S       PN: 051-0400-000
Model: 4CO-1000S     PN: 051-1600-000
2. Upgraded NH3 sensors for T90 less than 40 seconds
Model: 4NH3-100S     PN: 059-1900-000
Model: 4NH3-500S     PN: 059-2100-000
Model: 4NH3-1000S   PN: 059-2200-000
Model: 7NH3-100S     PN: 059-2300-000
Model: 7NH3-500S     PN: 059-2400-000
Model: 7NH3-1000S   PN: 059-2500-000
Please refer to related product datasheets for improved features in details.