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Preannouncement of new SO2 Gas Sensor Release

Update time:2021-12-24 14:02

SemeaTech is going to release a new set of SO2 sensors in the near feature.

• 7E4-SO2-5L Sensor (Effectively reduces the cross interference of H2S, NO2, for air quality monitoring (AQM)  

• 4SO2-20B Sensor (For industrial security) 

• 4SO2-20BF Sensor (Effectively reduces H2S and NO2 cross interference, for industrial security)
The new SO2 sensor delivers better performance in extreme environments (high temperature & high humidity, low humidity):
1) In extreme humidity (90%RH, 10%RH), the new SO2 sensor has a lower risk of leakage or electrolyte evaporation and can be used more effectively in plum rain seasons or deserts. 
2) At extreme high temperatures (60 oC), the new SO2 sensor has smaller baseline offset, better consistency and less interference. 
3) The sensitivity attenuation of the new SO2 sensor is smaller and the output stability seems to be better under extreme high temperature and low humidity conditions (50 oC, 15%RH).