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Release of 4-series Methanethiol Sensor

Update time:2016-06-13 21:27
After spending a great amount of time to verify the long-term stability and other technical features, SemeaTech is pleased to announce the official release of 4-series Methanethiol sensor. SemeaTech strongly believes this new sensor is capable of providing the most accurate, effective and economical tool in the market to detect Methanethiol.
Normal Range:0~10ppm
Maximum Overload:20ppm
Response Time(T90): ≤60s
Zero Signal: ±0.2μA
Linearity:linear up to 10ppm
Bias Voltage: 0 mV
Thanks to those who worked with SemeaTech and contributed their time intensively testing this new product in the field with valuable feedback. SemeaTech is always committed to delivering the best gas sensors for its customer satisfaction.
Please click the following link for detailed technical data of this sensor.

4-Series CH3SH-10 Sensor